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Otto Lohmüller 

Otto Lohmüller (born 1943 in Gengenbach, Germany) is a still active contemporary German figurative painter, sculptor and book illustrator, who is best known for images of young male nudes (usually in the 12 to 16 age range, mostly from his family and organizations he belongs to).
His published works are listed in the Catalog of the German National Library.
He almost exclusively works with the human form, usually with minimal background and, as could be expected, is an accomplished portrait artist.
His images are usually extremely accurate, often bordering upon the semi-photographic.
Oddly although the ages of his boy models were often indicated (between 13 and 16 years), they were always depicted  quite obviously, and rather oddly as pre-pubescent - which may be an indication of  Lohmüller's sexual fantasy, or preferences.
As a result of this, and other aspects of Lohmüller's activities, here have been repeated accusations made against Otto Lohmüller,  in Germany and elsewhere,  of paedophilia. 
We are in no position to say if Lohmüller is a paedophile, but he is attempting to remove all his nude male images from the Internet, and has forcibly attacked and removed images from this and other blogs.
Unusually, for an artist, Lohmüller has a group of dedicated and fanatic 'followers', whose main function seems to be to act as his 'protectors' - presumably protecting him from the the various accusations that have been made about his activities with naked boys and his activities as a 'scout-master'.
In addition it is suggested that one of his sons, Adrian, (who he regularly painted naked, when the boy was around thirteen years old), subsequently rejected his father's art - and may be one of the instigators of the drive to present a new, apparently 'innocent'  Lohmüller - or at least one of the individuals who wishes his own,(embarassing) image to be no longer be available.


We are having considerable, and serious problems with Lohmüller and his 'friends', with regard to displaying his paintings.
This foolish old man is terrified that people will know that he has painted naked boys in the past - and seems intent on the ridiculously impossible task of removing every scrap of evidence from the Internet that he was ever involved in painting such pictures.
There has been speculation that some of his models - having matured - are now far from happy with these images (in which many are named) being available on the Internet, and appear to be putting financial and legal pressure on Lohmüller to have these images removed - particularly as there have been numerous unsavory rumors about Lohmüller himself.
As such he is seen as a real and present danger to this web-site, as he may try to convince Google that this account should be terminated.
We on this blog do not wish to become involved in such unpleasant matters, and feel that the situation has become far from satisfactory.
Lohmüller has now (29:11:2015) threatened to take legal action against the author of this blog.
This is what happens if you try to help an artist by making his work more accessible and well known.
In addition, it should be understood that Lohmüller gave the author of this blog all the images that are now in dispute, and requested (by email) that they be published on this site.
Lohmüller's art, as compared to most of the art on this site, is of little consequence - and so it is not worth endangering the presentation of truly great art for Lohmüller's relative 'dross'.
We will therefore not publish any of his images on this site.

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